MG-RC Double-Wall Paper Bowl Machine
MG-RC Double-Wall Paper Bowl Machine

This equipment is a multi-station and fully-automatic product used for forming double-wall paper bowls. It will operate continuously to complete automatic paper feeding, bowl side sealing and other manufacturing operations. It is noteworthy that we are the first manufacturer in China to develop this kind of double-wall paper bowl forming machine. The equipment can offer a production speed from 45 to 50 pieces per minute. It produces a corrugated sleeve around the paper bowl. In addition to the above-mentioned machines, we can also supply other useful machines to produce a complete range of paper cups, paper bowls and paper buckets. We are happy to provide customization service to your exact specifications. Our machines are your ideal choice for making paper cups, paper bowls, paper buckets and other disposable food containers. Please choose Mingguo for your paper product manufacturing machinery and you will get great quality at very competitive pricing!

    ZWT is a kind of fully-automatic multi-position paper bowl making machine. It adopts the technique of variable-frequency drive for accurate speed regulation. The paper bowl making machine incorporates the operations of ultrasonic welding, dual-cylinder positioning, manipulator transmission, automatic gluing, forming, etc.

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